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Tampere Fire Museum -- An History of Modern Firefighting Equipment

The Tampere Fire Museum offers a cross section into the evolution of modern firefighting equipment and into the history of the permanent Tampere Fire Brigade, established in 1889, assembled with thought. The artefacts of the collection set a weighted focus on an era interval from the early decades of the 1900s to the end of the 1970s. In addition to basic equipment, the artefacts include many kinds of curiosities and rare examples from the evolution of fire equipment.

The museum is situated within the Central Fire Station of Tampere, which also ranks among the significant masterpieces of Finnish architecture.

Built into the ground floor of the art nouveau style fire station designed by architect Viivi Lönn, completed in 1908, the fire museum does have a setting exuding history and grace. The grace of the museum, however, is not of the vanity blasé kind, the exhibition was implemented in a resourcefully delightful, while still classy, way.

translated from Finnish to English by Péter Volford