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Equipment Developed By The Fire Brigade

In the collection, there is ia. even a self-made minesweeper to be found which used to be used for to seek out the hydrants in winter time, from an era when this type of "developed war technology" was not freely available on the markets. A chapter quite of its own and of interest is formed within the collection by the foam equipment which was based on development work by engine master Erkki Hiltunen, who has been involved in the museum operation, and which was manufactured in the fire brigade.

Actual curiosities and specialties of the museum also include the "Rantala's Extinguisher". Firefighter Aarne Rantala who had served in Tampere used to keep some own extinguisher maintenance in his spare time, and he developed a simple and cheap primary extinguisher. A can was filled with extinguisher powder and beneath the cover there was a sieve. The cover was opened in case necessary, and the powder was rattled into the fire. It is known that at least three fires in the engine compartments of passenger cars were verifiably extinguished by such extinguisher!

translated from Finnish to English by Péter Volford