Kokkolan palomuseo

Ventuksen paloasema
Ventuksentie 84

Kesällä 2015 museo
avoinna 24.6.- 27.7.
päivittäin klo 12-17.

Jan Anders Enlund
050 3536330

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An Exhibition Entity Built with Care

The Kokkola Fire Museum chiefly presents fire equipment which used to be in use in Kokkola and in the former municipality of Kaarlela, which had been joined to the town in 1977.

The oldest artefacts of the museum are man-powered engines and firefighting devices which used to belong to wooden town estates. There are many sorts of fire brigade equipment on display, from respirators to communication device sets, to firefighting gears and to uniforms. On the more recent end, there are items of equipment even from the 1990s.

The museum is divided into two spaces. There is a set of older and smaller-size artefacts in the museum room on the lower floor of the fire station, as well as there are bigger and more recent equipment in the section assembled into the attic of the fire station. In addition, there are two restored veteran fire cars in the garage of the fire station.

The collection is diverse and the way of displaying is clear-cut and with a finishing touch. During the recent years the museum has even been open every day during summer time, therefore The Kokkola Fire Museum ranks among the rare few fire museums which are kept regularly open for the public.

translated from Finnish to English by Péter Volford